Mix n Match

The objective of MixnMatch is to eliminate blocks by creating lines of three or more of the same color. This is done by dropping blocks from above. The color of the dropped block will spread to the blocks below. A color is made of three components, red, blue, and yellow. The components of the spreading color will add to or cancel the color components of the existing block. This works as follows (for example):

red + blue = purple
As shown, a red block dropped above a blue block will add a red component to the block. The block will then have both red and blue components, so it will appear purple. This is analogus to mixing paint; mix red and blue and you get purple.

The trickyness comes when adding red, for example, to a block that already has a red component.
red + purple = blue
As illustrated here, the red component, instead of adding to the block, will cancel the existing red in the purple block, leaving only a blue component. In a similar manner:
blue + purple = red

A white block has no red, blue, or yellow component, so an color added to white simply turns that color, and a white block dropped on any block does not change its color.
white + red = red

That's about it, if you're still confused, just play with it until you figure it out. If you have any comments email holomorph@users.sourceforge.net
You can download mixnmatch from the Sourceforge Project Page .

Have fun!

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